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I started pilates about five years ago. I was having issues with my back and sciatica , and balance.  I started working with Jeni and in one month my back and sciatica issues were gone. Within six months my balance was getting better . I was able to get on the floor and get up by myself . And now I play on the floor with ease with my 10 month granddaughter. I would recommend pilates to anyone!!

- Nancy Calvo

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-Dr David Plessas

I am living proof after more than two high energy years with Jeni who has given me tremendous recovery with both of my worn out ankles.

I plan on many years ahead to continue with Pilates By Design. Jeni knows her anatomy and applies her knowledge to give you a realistic plan and goals for my continued improvement.

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Before I began Pilates by Design, I could not enjoy going for a walk on a beautiful day because I had such pain in my hips and also plantar fasciitis. 
Every time I leave the studio, I feel taller! No offense,  to chiropractors, but Pilates by Design has helped me even more than chiropractic care (although it's a blessing to do both!), and it's the same for me with massage therapy - as beneficial as it is, Pilates by Design has helped me more, more than anything I have ever done in my 51 years. 
ALL the instructors are wonderful, so I can take a class by any instructor and be confident that I'm in good hands. And it's fun! Thank you Pilates by Design! 

- Jamie Keith

Pilates by Design was my first introduction to Pilates. This is a workout like no other. After losing over 130 pounds I was unfamiliar with my body and often could not sense how I fit and moved in the world at this size. Body dysmorphia has been a huge challenge for me. Pilates, taught by a gentle and knowable team like the one here, has allowed me to tune in and get aquatinted with myself in a new way.  I am learning how to engage my core and hold my body. I love how Pilates allows me to really target in on muscle groups and I always gets so excited when I can feel muscle groups engage in new ways. And there is also the bonus of seeing my muscles grow and looking for. A little while ago I thought I would attend less classes in an effort  to save money. Budgeting is hard work. I did that for only one week before I realized that Pilates by Design is worth every penny and I decided to look at the budget again and move other things around to make it work. This is good for the mind, body and soul and I’m glad to have found this studio.

- Anna Peregoy

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