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We are here to help you have the most incredible pilates experience.

At Pilates By Design we aim to create a safe, fun and focused environment in which to exercise. We want our clients to get the most out their experience so we have guidelines that we ask everyone to follow so that all who come through our doors get an amazing,  uplifting fitness experience!

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Please enter studio quietly and speak at a low volume while you wait for class.  We want to assure that those currently taking class can maintain focus throughout the entirety of their workout.

Please wait for class in the designated sitting/waiting area.

Make sure the volume on your phone is turned down upon entering the studio. It is okay to keep your phone with you but please minimize the disruption.

Do not get on or approach the equipment until the previous class has finished with instruction and everyone is done wiping their machines.

Wait for them to leave the equipment space. Treat others taking class as you would like to be treated if you were taking class!

All of your belongings are to be stored in the cubbies. It is a safety hazard for both instructors and clients to have your belongs near the equipment.

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24 Hour cancellation notice is required. You will be charged for the price of a missed class.  

Refunds – we do not offer refunds however studio credit can be given or classes can be shared or transferred.

After 3 No shows, you will be removed from a regular spot if you are bulk enrolled.  

If you are moving yourself to a different time on the SAME day please let the instructor know so we can undo any unnecessary charges to your account.

Be respectful of others’ time, show up on time and be ready to work out.

Please be as independent as possible with scheduling and canceling yourselves. 

If you cannot do this yourself, please text 707-290-3131 for assistance.

Emails will have a slower response time. If you have to call that is fine as well.



Comfortable workout attire, something you can move and stretch in is required.


Clothing with zippers of any kind will not be allowed on the equipment.

No jeans, shoes or accessory jewelry. 


Please minimize use of lotion prior to class.

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In order to assess your movement patterns, and teach you how to move safely, as well as learn how to use the equipment, you must first schedule a private session. A private session is one on one time with one of our trained instructors.


This will help us create a personalized fitness journey for you as we welcome you into our studio.

Call/text us at 707-290-3131 to schedule your 1 on 1 session.


Private Session is $95

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