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Anna Peregoy

I am thrilled to be part of the incredible team at Pilates By Design.  My first time in a studio was just in 2021 and I fell in love immediately.  After gaining control over my disordered eating and losing half of my body weight, I had no idea how to move this body.  Pilates has allowed me to connect with myself in body, mind, and spirit.  My time in the studio is sacred and allows me to fully inhabit my body and truly tune-in.  With the encouragement of the team I went all in and fully committed to becoming a pilates instructor.  I am currently continuing my education with Balanced Body.   My passion is to show up as the best version of myself in service to myself and to my community.  In 2022 I became a Heroic performance coach in order to help deepen that commitment. As a pilates instructor my goal is to meet you where you are, help you reach your goals, and encourage you to believe that you are capable of even more.  Whether new to fitness like I was, or a long time athlete,  I know pilates has the ability to create functional balance and movement that can continue to serve you in any stage of life.   When I am not in the studio you can often find me digging in my garden, backpacking with my husband, hanging out with my teens, or snuggling my dogs.  

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