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“Pilates By Design is all about movement for positive change”...

We want to help you read and learn the owner’s manual to your body…

We strive to be the church to worship your body. 

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Pilates By Design started out as just a thought in Jeni’s head in the early 2000’s but then fast forward to 2011, and Pilates By Design was born… 


On Wednesday February 23, 2011, Pilates By Design opened its doors… 23 people showed up on that wednesday and the rest is history… The studio and community have continued to grow ever since. 


With Jeni’s sports rehab background, along with her athletic background - she knew there was a need for a more holistic approach to fitness for anyone, of any age. 


Pilates wasn’t offering anything like this at the time…


All the Pilate’s certifications Jeni had come across were teaching you how to teach pilates to a healthy body… She continually had to modify exercises for her clients with injuries or illnesses.


Jeni herself was utilizing this approach for her own “broken body” and has since created life changing approaches at her studio to help ANYONE who desires to incorporate Pilates into their movement and health routine.


Meeting the needs of the community is where her continued ideas came from…

Jeni is always wanting to create a better experience to offer to the community. Pilates By Design was created based on community. Jeni's intention is for Pilates By Design to be the church for your body… A place to show you how to worship your body, how to strengthen your body, and how to make connections with people who are seeking the same things as you!  Physically when you work out consistently (a couple times a week) on the Pilates equipment, you will physically get stronger, you will neurologically become more balanced and most people tend to be more joyful, happier people, once they feel better in their bodies. Pilates changes people's lives, it gives you freedom and safety within your own body through knowing it on the deepest level possible. We are here to guide you back to the home within yourself using Pilates as the vessel, and we are so grateful you are a part of our community here at Pilates by Design.

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